Monday, October 5, 2009

Miss Boudoir!

Miss Boudoir finally has a face,I'm sure you've seen her on my site and blog before! I was so excited when Ashley agreed to let me post some of the photos from her session to share her experience with other women. This was my very first Boudoir session, and I was nervous, but so excited to get in there to see if it was something I liked. I've been anxiously waiting for Ashley's fiancee's birthday to arrive. It's today, so Happy Birthday, Nick! Ashley got ahold of me as soon as he opened his gift, and I started working away on getting them ready for the blog. Thank you so much Ashley for asking me to take these photos. I'm so glad Nick enjoyed his gift! I'm always a little bummed by the colors online, as they don't POP like they do in photoshop! Enjoy anyway:)

The image above is my VERY favorite from the session:)

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Schona Kessler Photography said...

Alyssa you did great especially for your 1st. Good job.