Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I Love My Job

On those days (which seem like so many) when business is slow for me and I wonder why I decided to follow my heart instead of my head into a journey of creativity and art, I look at the photos, and the stories I've told over the past couple years. I'm reminded how blessed I am to spend my days meeting families, children, and couples, and capturing their sweet memories so they can treasure them for a lifetime. I'm blessed to have a husband who believes in me more than I do myself, and by working hard he has given me the gift of following my passion. And that truly is a gift, especially in a time of such trial for so many people. So when I am unsure, and I need a reminder of why I have chosen this unpredictable business, and life, I look at the sweet faces of innocent children, and the faces of a couple in love, so ready to start their new journey in love, and in life. And I'm comforted... I'm comforted in the realization, that I have helped tell a story, their story. And they are helping me create mine...

One of my favorite images from Saturday's engagement session.

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