Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Check It Out!

The first of new blogs for my sad little photography blog here. Not much to say today. I've got stuff to do today. Need to start getting things organized here to start packin' up! I have to mail some photos, so I will take a picture of the pretty paper I picked out for this packaging. I'm in the process of choosing things for my business. Anyway, that's boring stuff for you! Here is the same picture that you saw yesterday, and a new one to keep you coming back to the photography blog... Not just our personal blog. Here we go!

Revamp pic

love me

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Sheila Weaver said...

Alyssa you are so awesome girl... I still can't believe that you are not getting paid thousands for what you do. I enjoyed hanging out with you and the other girls. I wish you so much luck. Keep in touch!