Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing Miss Bentley

This little one is such a beautiful little girl, so photogenic, but so difficult to take pictures of! Bentley so did not want me to take pictures of her. Her mom, just wanted some pretty shots of her little girl before she got any bigger. We got some shots, not as many as I would have liked, but when you photograph children, nothing is ever certain. It's an adventure with children, that much I know. Here are a few shots from the photo shoot.


Daddy and Bentley

She is one beautiful baby isn't she? Such a joy. Have a great Tuesday!



shauna maness said...

i love it!
i had no idea you had these blogs... i will love reading them!
i make the collages in photoshop-
i just crop and resize photos and add to a new blank template and then add the text.. .does that help?
good luck!

shauna maness said...

oh, thanks for the link by the way!!